Compliance and

At Varifarma, we promote and apply solid ethical values across all aspects of our work. For us, integrity and sustainability are intertwined and paramount in everything we do.


Our organizational principles are guided by best practices and social responsibility. This has led us to establish a work ethic centered on integrity, commitment, and respect; core values that we aim to share with our clients, partners, and suppliers, so that together we can achieve excellence.

Our compliance policies focus on risk identification, the implementation of preventive and corrective measures, and comprehensive training for executives and employees on current laws and regulations.

To adhere to these, we have an Integrity Program that is underpinned by our Code of Ethics and Conduct, continuous training for those of us at Varifarma, and ongoing feedback on the program to ensure its proper implementation and updating. We also offer an anonymous and confidential Whistleblower Channel, available for employees, clients, or suppliers to report any violations of current laws or regulations, or irregular behavior that deviates from our Code of Ethics and Conduct.


To further our commitment to sustainability, we seek opportunities to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce and recycle waste, implement water and energy conservation practices, and comply with environmental regulations across all our facilities. At Varifarma, we manage hazardous waste properly and conduct constant monitoring and treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents.